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Bollé products are distributed
and worn all over the world.

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Bollé is one of the first companies
to use a new type of celluloïd.

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Bollé has developed a particular strength
in the specialty markets of sports.

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Bollé Optical

Recognized for its high performance, design, and innovation, Bollé is launching a new ophthalmic collection with both acetate and metal models.

This collection stays true to the brand’s DNA with a strong outdoor sports tech look and feel. A unique offer symbolized by a cutting-edge signature flex hinge.

Bollé built its legacy through its outdoor expertise.

Our environment shapes our mindset, our vision and our products. Our technical knowledge is our response to the challenges of the nature.

Just like our consumers, we feel shaped by the elements.

It was only natural for us to bring our personality to the urban environment and let the outdoors vision rule the city.

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Bolle Optical 01
Bolle Optical 02

Bolle Optical's Best Sellers

Jasp 03 Black Matte

Jasp 03 Trans Grey Blue Shiny